Favorite Life Moments

The moments that made me feel most alive. These are the memories I will never forget. 
  • Volunteering in thailand

  • Camp Kesem

  • You be you village in Denmark


  • TREKKING to a Remote village in thailand

  • Swimming under a cave in thailand

  • Holi, the festival of colors, in India

  • Lean In & Lift Off Retreat

  • Girls trip to Montana

  • Watching the sunrise over Lake Atitlan, guatemala  with my dad, followed by zip-lining.

  • Hiking, swimming, & jumping into the waterfalls in Montezuma, Costa Rica. This is a place I've already gone back to with friends and family.

  • Yoga teacher training in india

  • Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland

  • visiting the taj Mahal in India


  • Hiking the swiss Alps in Switzerland

  • Salento, Valle de Cocora, in Colombia

  • Teaching yoga at Casa Elemento in Colombia

  • Road tripping up the Coast of Australia in a van

  • Gibbon Experience in Laos