She's Back!

296 days and I'm back home! Yes, I did make two quick stops home from my departure date on December 7, 2015 but they weren't longer than a week so I am finally able to soak in the feeling of being in one place. 

What a whirlwind of emotions I feel from traveling for so long to now being back home. I have been on the go since leaving in December. I have done the coolest things and its finally time to fully process it,  instead of moving to the next activity. I am constantly asked whats been my favorite part so far.. That is a hard question. If you know me then you know everything is my favorite. I have so many favorite places but if I HAD to narrow it done then I would say my three favorite places visited were Colombia, Vietnam, Laos & Norway. That is not to say the other countries weren't as great but the experiences I had in these places are indescribable. 

Colombia was the start of it all. The first time where I got to be the traveler I always dreamed of being. I didn't have a plan. I let my time unfold as it should and the friendships I made and places I went will always be with me. Working at a hostel for my first time in the jungle is a travelers dream. 

(The above was written on October 4, 2016) - I never got around to finishing a lot of my writings so I am doing that now and posting them late. 

Vietnam has been high on the list so to finally experience it and soak it for an entire month was everything! The food, culture, history will always stand out to me. I look forward to going back and exploring more. 

Laos is hands down the most beautiful country! It is so lush, so green, so beautiful! My eyes would happily stay here and soak in the beauty daily if it could. 

Norway is where dreams happen. My bucket list was filled with places to visit in Norway and even though I had knew of these spots, actually going and experiencing it was better than one could imagine. If you ever have the chance to visit Norway, please say yes!