57 weeks of Freedom

Written on February 8, 2017 - posted now.

If you know me well then I'm going to show you just how important the number 57 is in my life. It is my favorite number and continues to appear in many ways. It was exactly 57 weeks between when I left the workforce to be free to travel to when I have made the return back to the workforce. 

In those 57 weeks, I gave myself the gift of complete freedom. Zero responsibilities besides waking up, being present, grateful, and shining my light. Living by those rules was the guidance I needed to embark on my grand adventure. 

Taking time for myself to live without responsibilities was everything I needed it to be. I love that I got to experience what it feels like to travel open ended and allow any journey to unfold. I'm a person who chases feelings. I love to feel new things. I've always been one to put myself in challenging situations simply to see how I react. Its a true testament to my character when it turns out well. Proof even that I'm allowing the journey to unfold as it should.

I'm not attaching emotions to the outcome. I'm living in the present feeling. Life unfolds for us when we do this. The concept of time means something completely new. Our feelings of how we feel is the main driver to the actions we take. Isn't it so simple? If something feels good we should do more of that. If something feels bad we should do less of that. Such a simple concept but when you add in all the factors of life that are constantly thrown in the mix it makes the simplicity such a challenge. 

Anyway, I am rambling. Moral of it all - 57 has always been my good luck charm.